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Dear Competitors

Here you have the results! Congratulations to all of you for the amazing level


1- DIPLOMAS WILL BE SENT STARTING IN THE NEXT DAYS (we start our presencial competition on 27th April and we are also welcoming live contestants) and we will finish by 10th MAY. Please write after 10th May if you have not received your diploma

2- Category winner is the person who got the highest points in the category and will get the monetary prize. In case of EX-AEQUO the monetary prize will be divided

3- CATEGORY H Top winner has one monetary prize, and a concert invitation to the 2024 season of Orbetello Piano Festival. However, our Artistic Director decided to give one more special prize with Concert invitation in this category

4- All money and prize-winner will be contacted by 10th May

Pre – Category

Category A

Category B

Category C

Category D

Category E

Category F

Category G

Category H