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Art. 1

The competition will be held in Orbetello, Tuscany, Italy on 1-2-3 May 2020 in the Auditorium, Piazza della Repubblica 1, Historical center of the City, and is open to piano soloists with any nationality.

Art. 2

Categories will be as follows:

Cat. A up to 10 years old (candidates who haven’t turned 11 at the date of 4th May 2020)

Cat. B from 11 to 13 years old (candidates who haven’t turned 14 at the date of 4th May 2020)

Cat. C from 14 to 16 years old (candidates who haven’t turned 17 at the date of 4th May 2020)

Cat. D from 17 to 20 years old (candidates who haven’t turned 21 at the date of 4th May 2020)

The Absolute winner of each category of previous editions MAY NOT apply to the same category, but can choose to apply to a higher one. The absolute winner is the person who gets the highest position\mark in the category

Program (one round – free repertoire)

Cat. A maximum 8 minutes
Cat. B maximum 12 minutes
Cat. C maximum 15 minutes
Cat. D maximum 20 minutes

Maximum 20 candidates will be admitted for every category in order of application.
Order of performance will be alphabetical.

Application fee:

Cat. A €50

Cat. B €60

Cat. C €70

Cat. D €85

Art. 3

The highest money prize of each category will be not divided.
It will be possible to share the second and third money prize for contestants who will have the same ranking.

Art. 4

No competitor will be admitted who has studied in the last two years with a jury member: each juror will sign a relevant declaration about the contestans. The jury’s decision is final.

Art. 5

The winners’ names will be announced and official prize-giving ceremony held during the final concert.

Art. 6

By applying to the competition you accept all the articles included into this notice. In the case of any demonstration, the Italian text of this regulation will be worthy.

Art. 7

Application can be done through the online application form at the page APPLICATION, within 5th April 2020 and all the folowing documents should be sent:
1) ID card or passport copy
2) 1 artistic photo (for the booklet)
3) 1 small cv declaring the name of the teachers and school
4) copy of the bank transfer (bank commission to be paid by the contestant)

On bank account: IBAN IT22B0885172320000000200626 banca TEMA Terre Etrusche e di Maremma- Credito Cooperativo – Società Cooperativa
Bic Swift Code: ICRAITRRNN0
Associazione Culturale “Kaletra contemporanea”
Via calatafimi 2, 58015 Orbetello GR

Application fee:

Cat. A €50

Cat. B €60

Cat. C €70

Cat. D €85

A confirmation email will be sent after receiving all the documents.

No application will be accepted if we dont’ receive the required documents.

The application fee can be refunded to the contestant only in the case the competition is cancelled by the organization or in the case it’s not possible for us to accept the application. In this case, we will promptly send back the money.

Art. 8

Final concert.
The first prize of each category will perform in the final concert on 3rd May

Art. 9

This cultural event is not comparable to the sweepstakes, as intended by D.P.R.430/2001, art.6 com.1. Therefore, the Resolution n.8/1251 of the 28th October 1976 decides that the prizes will not be income taxed at the source.However,we specify that the final prizes will be added to Your personal income and the winners will have to pay own compulsory contributions on the basis of Your income tax return.