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Regulation Orbetello Piano Competition MASTER


Art. 1

The competition will be held in presence from 8th to 11th May 2024 in the Auditorium placed in Piazza della Repubblica 1, Orbetello, Tuscany, Italy and is open to pianists of any nationality who have NOT turned 36 years old at the date of 8th May 2024 (Up to 35 years old). It will be mandatory to play the music by memory.

Art. 2

The Jury will decide, accordingly with the artistic level, a First, Second and Third Prize. The First Prize is indivisible, the Second and Third Prizes can also be assigned ex-aequo by dividing the scholarship. Competitors will perform  three subsequential rounds, where it will be not allowed to repeat any of the pieces previously played. The performances are are public.

Art. 3

The order in which the candidates will perform will be established by drawing lots by the Artistic Director at the beginning of the preliminary round and will be valid for all the rounds. Pianos for practising will be available to candidates and it will be possible to try the competition piano.

Art. 4

No competitor will be admitted who has studied in the last two years with a jury member: each juror will sign a relevant declaration about the contestans.  The vote of the Jury for the passage to the next round will be expressed with YES or NO. The Jury’s decision is final.

Art. 5

The awarding of the winners will take place in an official form at the  final concert.

Art. 6

The application to Orbetello Master Piano Competition does not predjudicate the application to Orbetello Junior Piano Competition, so one candidate can, for example, apply in one category of Orbetello Junior Piano Competition(in the case the age is suitable), and in the Master competition. 

The application to Orbetello Master Piano Competition is possible together with the application to the ONLINE Competition, as the competition have different Jury members


On registration for the competition applicants tacitly accept all rules contained in this notification. The Italian version of this announcement will be deemed official in the case of any subsequent contestation.

The application fee is one-time payment and it includes participation in the competition. The registration fee will be refunded only in the event that the competition cannot be held due to the decision of the artistic direction or for reasons related to pandemics or other major forces issues.  In case of absence of the candidate, notified after the registration deadline, it will not be possible to refund the registration fee.

Art. 7



Program lasting maximum 15 minutes including a study by F. Chopin, F. Liszt, A. Scriabin, S. Rachmaninov, S. Prokofiev, C. Debussy, G. Ligeti

SEMIFINAL ROUND (max 12 candidates)

Program lasting maximum 30 minutes, including a first movement from a sonata by J. Haydn, M. Clementi, W. A. Mozart, L. van Beethoven, F. Schubert

FINAL ROUND (max 3 candidates)

Program lasting maximum 45 minutes, including 2 different works from different style or period


1st Prize: Scholarship € 4000 and a concert for piano and orchestra

2nd Prize: Scholarship of € 2000

3rd Prize: Scholarship of € 1000

It is possible to assign the second and third prize ex-aequo. In no case can the first prize be shared.


Art. 8


Application deadline 31st March 2024

Application fee: €110

To apply to Orbetello Piano Competition you need to fill in the application form that will be available in January 2023 and you need to provide:

  • Name, Family name, birth place and date, Nationality, Address, phone number, email address, Italian TAX CODE (If available) – If the candidate is under 18 years old also give those data from a parent\tutor – you can USE THE APPLICATION FORM IN THE APPLICATION PAGE OF THE WEBSITE (available in January)
  • Program for the competition
  • A portrait photo for the competition graphics
  • Privacy statement paper with signature (to be found in the Application page in January)
  • Following the pre-registration you will receive payment instructions in order to have final confirmation of the application



Art. 9

Final concert with audience and audience award.
The winning candidates of the first three prizes will perform in the award concert in which they will perform pieces from the repertoire already presented during the competition. Attendance at the prize-giving concert is essential under penalty of forfeiture of the prize won.

Art. 10

This cultural event is not comparable to the sweepstakes, as intended by D.P.R.430/2001, art.6 com.1. Therefore, the Resolution n.8/1251 of the 28th October 1976 decides that the prizes will not be income taxed at the source.However,we specify that the final prizes will be added to Your personal income and the winners will have to pay own compulsory contributions on the basis of Your income tax return.

Art. 11 

In order to participate to the competition it’s necessary to fill in the privacy consent form that you will find in the Application Page. You can read the Privacy Disclamimer here below

View our Privacy Disclaimer in English