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Preliminary round (to be submitted within 10th April)
Video with free program max 15-20 minutes (piano solo program – No piano concertos)

Final round (to be submitted after preliminary results)

Video with free program max 30 minutes (piano solo program – No piano concertos)


– Videos must be sent through YouTube links, making sure that the videos are visible.

– Videos must be recent and must have been filmed in the Years 2020\2021

– The pianist must be playing on an Upright or Grand piano

– It’s not permitted to have video editing DURING THE SAME PIECE. It’s possible to edit the video during the changes from one work to the other. You can send also one only video for the whole round. For every work the camera should be set in such a way to allow the view of the face and hands of the candidates – no editing in the same work –

– Pieces must be played by memory

– It’s kindly asked if possible, to include the program in the description of the video and in any case you are required to write it in the application form.

– The competition reserves the right to stream the videos in its own channels, on social networks etc.